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1. 适合不规则块状和颗粒状物料的计量包装,如糖果,膨化食品,小饼干,炒货干果,砂糖,速冻食品以及奶粉,奶茶,淀粉,调味料等。
Suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials, such as candy, popped food, biscuit, roasted seeds and nuts, granulated sugar, deep-frozen food, milk powder, mild tea, amylum, sauce and so on

2. 适合各种不规则块状和颗粒状物料的计量包装,如糖果,膨化食品,小饼干,炒货干果,果实砂糖,速冻食品以及奶粉,奶茶,淀粉,调味料等。选配装置
Suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials, such as candy, popped food, biscuit, roasted seeds and nuts, granulated sugar, deep-frozen food, milk powder, milk tea, amylum, sauce and so on.

3. 用途:Use 适合于膨化食品、糖果、花生、瓜子、种子、小饼干、干果、炒货、爆米花、杏仁、味精、白糖等散粒状、条状、片状物体的自动化包装。
For expand food, candy, peanut, melon seed, small biscuit, beryy, roasted seeds and nuts, popcom, almond, monododium glutamate, sugar etc, Automatic packaging of shape of particle, strip, slice 特点: Features 进口 PLC

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4. 是啊。但是吃太多膨化食品对健康不好。
Yes. But eating too much puffed food is bad for health.

5. 目的:建立一种简便易行测定膨化食品中铝的方法。
Objective: To establish a simple determination method for aluminum in extruded food.

6. 本文对于膨化食品包装无论在理论还是实践都具有很大的帮助。
This article regarding 膨化 food packing regardless of or practices in the theory all has the very big help.

7. 膨化食品的翻译

7. 潮安县创辉食品有限公司创立于1990年,是专业生产糖果和膨化食品的厂家。
Was founded in 1990, is a professional manufacturer of candy and puffed food manufacturers.

8. 膨化食品系列包装设计是对膨化食品包装工艺过程的分析。
Expanded food packaging design is a series of Expanded food packaging process analysis.

9. 膨化食品系列包装设计是对膨化食品包装工艺过程的分析。
Food series packing design is to 膨化 food packing technological process analysis.

10. 垃圾食品世界卫生组织公布的十大垃圾食品包括:油炸类食品、腌制类食品、加工类肉食品(肉干、肉松、香肠、火腿等)、饼干类食品(不包括低温烘烤和全麦饼干)、汽水可乐类饮料、方便类食品(主要指方便面和膨化食品)、罐头类食品、话梅蜜饯果脯类食品、冷冻甜品类食品、烧烤类食品。
Biscuit are similar to food including that bake and whole-wheat biscuit of low temperature, soft drink Coca Cola kind drink, convenient kind food pointing to instant noodles and expanding mainly being similar to food, processing kind meat, can kind food (including fish meat and fruit kind, preserved plum candied fruit preserved fruit kind food, freezing sweet category food (ice cream, popsicle, ice cream and so on), barbecue kind food.

11. 该油炸机适用于各类膨化食品坚果等食品的油炸,适用范围广,采用进口可编程控制系统,自动完成油炸,搅拌,脱油,出料输送。
This fryer is widely applicable for frying all kinds of inflating snacks, nuts and so on. It adopts imported program control system, and could fry, mix, deoil and convey automatically.

12. 膨化食品的近义词

12. 我公司主要产品有DXD系列自动包装机,如颗粒、粉剂、膨化食品、钢珠、袋泡茶等各类包装机械,目前,公司又研制出装有智能袋长控制系统的新机型,为广大客户提供了最先进的技术装备和优越的售前售后服务。
My company's main products are DXD series of automatic packaging machines, such as particles, dust, expanding the food, steel ball, teabag, and other packaging machinery, the present, the company has developed a bag with smart control system of the new models, for the majority of Customers with the most advanced technology and equipment and superior pre-sale service.

13. 摘要目的:建立测定膨化食品中铝的塞曼-石墨炉原子吸收光谱方法。
Objective: To develop a method for determ in ation of alum in ium in puffed food by Zeeman-GFAAS.

14. 我们业成立于1994年,我们一直以来坚持以创办中国一流的饮食为目标,同时我们遵循市场规律,不断完善我们的经营管理和产品的制作工艺,是专业生产高,中,低档系列饼干的地方,产品涉及散装夹心系列,片装芝麻系列,超薄脆饼,礼品盒系列等等,拥有现代化式的厂房,国内最先进的饼干生产线和膨化食品生产线。
Since this enterprise has been founded in 1994, the enterprise has insisted take organizes the Chinese first-class diet as the goal, simultaneously the company follows the market rule, consummates enterprise's management and operation and the product production process unceasingly, this enterprise is the specialized production is high, the low-grade series biscuit's well-known enterprise, the product involves bulk contains filling the series, the piece attire sesame seed series, the be ultra-thin cracknel, present box series and so on, has the modernization-like workshops, the home most advanced biscuit production line and the puffed food production line.

15. 膨化食品的意思

15. 黄素、饼干专用色素、榨菜、酱菜制品专用色素、花生油专用色素、调和油专用色素、香油专用色素、芝麻油专用色素、方便面酱包专用色素、膨化食品专用色素、米饼米酥专用色素、肉制品专用色素、出口糖果罐头专用色素、医药专用辣椒精、膏药专用辣椒素、豆制品专用香辣型辣椒红、辣条辣片辣串专用红辣素等系列天然色素。
Flavin, biscuits exclusive colors, mustard, pickles dedicated pigment products, peanut oil pigment-specific, dedicated÷pigment, pigment dedicated sesame oil, sesame oil special pigment, instant sauce packets dedicated pigment, Expanded Food-specific pigments, pigment-specific rice cakes rice cakes, meat pigment-specific, export candy canned special pigment, medicine dedicated pepper essence, plaster-specific capsaicin, soy-based special spicy red pepper, spicy hot piece string section dedicated hot red hot Su-series natural pigment.

16. 目前膨化食品的生产技术主要包括挤压膨化技术和高温膨化技术2种类型。
There are two main technologies, extrusion and high-temperature puffing, in puffed food industry now.

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17. 目的:建立测定膨化食品中铝的塞曼-石墨炉原子吸收光谱方法。
Objective: To develop a method for determination of aluminium in puffed food by Zeeman-GFAAS.

18. 食品主要以膨化食品,方面食品以及其他休闲食品为主;饮料以茶饮料和碳酸饮品。
Food mainly puffed food, aspects of food and other leisure-based food; drink tea drinks and carbonated beverages.

19. 适合不规则,计量精度高及容易碎的散装物品的包装,如膨化食品虾条,薯片,香蕉片,苹果片,锅巴,饼干,大米,瓜子,种子,花生,糖果等。
Suitable for packing fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as:puffed food, shrimp strip, potato chips, banana chips, apple flakes, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, cooked seeds, sweets etc.

20. 膨化食品的解释

20. 公司自成立以来,相继开发生产了八大系列,六十多个品种的产品,其广泛应用于调味品、鸡精鸡粉、家庭调味料、食用香精、方便面汤料、膨化食品、休闲食品、肉制品等食品行业。
Since the foundation of the corporation, we have exploited and produced eight series and more than sixty varieties of different products, ranged from seasonings, essence, flavor, instant noodle seasoning, soup, puffed food, snack food, meat product etc.

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