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1. 这就是今天的美国之音特别英语农业报道节目。是由乔治格偻撰稿的。
And that is the VOA special English agriculture report, written by George Grow.

2. 今天我们到了国际学生中心进行观察,这是一堂有四个中国学生的英语课。
This morning, I went to one of the classes in ISC-International Student Centre, where there were four students attending the class.

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3. 今天,广州越秀公园内有五羊雕像,是广州最具象征意义的城徽。翻译成英语
Today, Guangzhou Yuexiu Park, the statue has Wuyang, Guangzhou are the most symbolic emblem of the city.

4. 今天买了一大堆笔记本,看着吓人。。。其实是为记录点平时的英语单词\词组来的,不晓得能不能坚持,能不能派上用场。。
I bought many notebookes for write dnow some words and phrases when meet some unknow email and looks a little large, and hope can use it and insist it on work day.

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5. 今天的天气真好用英语怎么说?
How's the weather in Yunnan today?

6. 这就是今天的美国之音特别英语发展报道,是由。。。。
And that is the VOA special English development report written by Jur.

7. 当然,今天晚上她还是要学习英语的。
Of course, she also needs to learn English this evening.

8. 今天上午,我去了在我家附近的公园的英语角。
This morning I went to the English corner which is in the park near my home.

9. 我们会在明天的每日英语中公布今天的句子的参考答案
This method, tried in our village, resulted in a marked rise in total production.

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10. 我很抱歉,你的假日过的不好 2。昨天她睡过了头,以至于她没赶上早班车 3。在我看来,你永远不会因为小而不能学东西 4。刘翔很爱运动,他是一个天才运动员 5。朱青石嘴合适的人选,因为他的英语口语是独一无二的 6。他也是在有着70年历史的这项大赛上第一个获此奖项的中国钢琴家 7。他在三峡大学主修日语和法语 8。今天的报纸上没有什么新鲜事 9。我爸爸在学习上对我要求很严 10。因为她考试不及格,所以从今以后她比武认真对待学习
I'm sorry, your holiday is bad 2、Yesterday she overslept that she didn't catch the early bus 3、In my opinion, you never because small and not learn something 4、Liu xiang is love sports, he is a genius 5、Zhu bluestone mouth suitable candidate, because his spoken English is unique 6、He is in a 70-year history of the competition on the first Chinese pianist in the award 7、He majored in three gorges university, Japanese and French 8、Today's newspapers without what's new 9、My dad on study are very strict to me 10、Because she failed the exam, so she mock henceforth seriously study

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11. 今天是高等英语统考的日子,我顺利地通过了考试。
Today is the day of the Advanced Placement English exam.

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12. 该网站的这一仗,纪念著名的古英语诗歌,战役莫尔登,仍然可以访问今天,附近的河Pante在埃塞克斯。
The site of this battle, commemorated in the famous Old English poem, The Battle of Maldon, can still be visited today, near the River Pante in Essex.

13. 今天我讲话的题目是:让我们一起努力,学好英语。
The title of my talk is Let`s study hard to learn English well.

14. 今天的午餐是自助式的。在餐厅大家也说英语。
At the buffet dinner, English is used all around.

15. 成年人学英文的第一课和第二课刊出后,有数位读者写E-mail给我。有一位说道:「一篇文章的每一个单字都查到解释了,但整篇文章就是看不懂,怎麼办?」另一位说:「我的文法很差,没办法写完整的英文句子,要如何补救?」当发音和字汇都掌握住学习要领之后,剩下的就是「读」和「写」了,这才符合学习英文的正确步骤:听→说→读→写。台湾传统的学习方式由「写」开始,再「读」,然后才「说」,最后再去补救「听」力,可以说是背道而行,难怪效果不彰。那麼学习「读」的要诀是什麼呢?当然最重要的是能够了解整个句子的涵义。记得初中的时候背了很多文法规则,考试的分数虽然很高,但是对「读」的能力没有帮助。连那个时候流行的「英语九百句型」,也从来没有耐心读完过。然而我们今天能够看懂中文的文章,难道是因为我们熟悉中文的文法吗?答案是否定的。同样地,一个美国人虽然能阅读报纸,但是要求他做「英文文法分析」,他可能也会傻眼。英文的句子其实不需要去靠文法书中的规则去了解,文法书只应当作参考书,在有疑惑的时候才去查阅。平常应养成「约定成俗」的习惯,就是看别人怎麼用,然后「依样画葫芦」,日积月累,文法规则就化为无形了。因此,要训练「读」的技巧,不应该是靠文法规则,而是要多读。但是在读之前,要具备「了解句子」的基本能力,这就是我们的第三课─了解英文句子的要诀。了解英文句子的关键,在於先抓住「主词」和「动词」。看到一句很长的英文句子,不要害怕:先找主词,再找动词。动词如果是「及物动词」,再去找「受词」。主词、动词、受词之外,剩下的通通当做修饰语,有的修饰主词,有的修饰动词,有的修饰受词,有的修饰全句;任何两个完整的句子都可以用连接词连接起来。以上简单几句话,就是了解英文句子的基本观念。了解英文句子的第二步是熟悉英语的五种基本句型,其中前两种与不及物动词有关,后三种与及物动词有关。以下的句子中,用大括号表示{主词}或{受词},中括号表示,剩下的部份都是修饰语。第一种与不及物动词有关的基本句型叫做「简单不及物句型」(Intransitive Verb,简称I),请背住以下五个句子
A, an=not ab, abs=away ad, a, ac, ad, af, al, an, ap, as, at=to; at ambi=both ana=up ante=before anti=against auto=self be=do bene=good cata=complete cent=hundred circum=around co, com, con=together contra=against de=down, off dec, deka=ten dia=across dis=apart duo, di, twi=two dys=bad en=make ento=inside epi=upon equi=equal eu=good ex, ec, e=out fore=ahead hetero=different holo=complete homo=same hyper=above hypo=below in, il, im, ir=inside; not infra=below inter, intel=between intra, intro=within iso=same macro=big mal=bad medi=middle mega=giant meta=change micro=small mis=wrongly mono=one multi, poly=many neo=new nona, ennea=nine ob, oc, of, op=toward oct=eight omni=all orth=straight pan=all para=beside per=through peri=around post=after pre, pri=before prin=first pro=forward quad, tetra=four quint, penta=five re=back retro=back se=apart semi, demi, hemi=half sept, hepta=seven sext, hexa=six solo=alone sub, suc, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus=under super, sur=over supra=above syn, sym=same tele=far trans, tra=across tri, ter=three un, ne, non=not uni=one ultra=beyond

16. 在社会日益发展的今天,尤其是加入世界贸易组织之后,掌握英语这门学问显得尤其重要。
Nowadays it is especially important to master English well as our society is developing increasingly, after China's entry into WTO in paticular.

17. 今天我坚信---英语一定会成为我人生奋斗的强有力的武器!
Today I truly believe ---Englih will be a powerful weapon in my life!

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18. 我是美国慢速英语广播的 Faith Lapidus ,今天我们讨论的是两个帮助世界女性运动的女人,高尔夫运动员 Betty Jameson 和篮球教练 Kay Yow ,她们都是妇女运动组织的会员。
And I'm Faith Lapidus with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about two women who helped change the world of sports, golfer Betty Jameson and basketball coach Kay Yow. Both women were founders of women's sports organizations.

19. 能帮我翻译成英语吗,谢谢了现在我明白,我还是太傻一个人期待着有个完美的感情,一次次的伤心,一次次的难受,最终自己得到是,更深的痛,为什么还是要这样对我,难道我受的罪还不够吗,难道我只想好好的爱一次,真正正的爱一次,今天泪还是流了下来,听到她说的那西话终于让我死心了
One might expect perfect love, yet sadness after sadness, grief after grief, finally, what i got was only deeper pain, why should you treated me like this. is the guilty what i suffered not enough. i just wanna to love one time with all my heart and soul, somehow i just can't stop the falling tears today. and eventually, i am gone at the words she said.

20. 这就是今天的美国之音特别英语农业报道节目,是由马利欧瑞特撰稿的。
And that`s VOA special English agriculture report, written by Mario Ritter.

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