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1. We also designed the timing circuit board to driver the MOSET and the network control system based on the probably fill mode in the future and the RF system of the storage ring in HLS. The high reverse overshoot exists in the current pulse with the pulse width of 60 ns. Further study is necessary to eliminate the reverse overshoot and to search the proper techniques on modulability of light pulse interval in HLS.

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2. We also studied the probability of modulability of light pulse interval in HLS. In 3 years, we have studied the modulators with the switch of thyratron, IGBT and MOSET etc. They are the comparisons between the waveforms, characteristic tests of ferrites made in China, the driver system of MOSET and the design of kicker magnet with the network mode, which have been studied.

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3. In this way, HLS and Floorplan are integrated in deeper level, and the constringency of the searching procedure on this new searching space can be guaranteed.

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4. He's on the 17th green rlght now, havlng trouble closlng out hls day.

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5. Also the chief problems of high-level synthesis system are expounded in the paper and narrate the significance of the topic. In this paper I mainly mend the HLS system Spark to improve performance of design with complex control flow.

6. To monitor the BPM chamber motion for all BPMs, a BPM chamber motion measurement system is built in real-time to correct the reading of BPMs. The raster gauges are used to measure the displacement, and the displacement data are transmitted by RS485 serial network to an industrial personal computer which processes the data and sends them to HLS control system.

7. It was founded by thress companys, HLS Group, Zhoushan Baorun Trading Company and Tario Company Limited on June, 2007 with registered captial 5, 500, 000 million dollars.

8. He has hls plane tlcket.

9. Declare the variable in Color system dropdown menu, choose RGB color system or the HLS color system, by moving their three slider to adjust color.
一栽是在Color System的下不推菜单洋拔取RGB赤、赤、蓝)颜色编制或HLS颜色编制,堵住安放其上方的3个不涩块来调动颜色。

10. HZS modular mixing station HLS Series 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180, 240-mixing plant and HBT series of concrete pump.

11. STATES: QT20-QTZ160 series tower Crane; HZS25-150 series of concrete mixing station; HLS60-180 series of concrete mixing plant; HBT40-80 series of concrete pump; SC, SCD series of lifts; JZC350-750 series of concrete mixers; JS500-3000 Series Shuangwo axis mixer; PLD800 - Burden said that 3200 series of electronic machines; WCQ400-600-stabilized soil mixing station; LB1000-2000-mandatory asphalt mixing station; HY companies Declaration: You and its dealings with all sorts of sales and as a professional marketing company to deal!

12. The phenomena of ion trapping have been observed during the routine operation and machine study of the Hefei Light Source storage ring. The ion production rate is calculated according the residual gases pressure in the HLS ring. The ion dynamics in the bunched beam is studied with matrix method, and some important parameters, such as critical mass, ion oscillation frequency are obtained.

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13. Additive synthesis: Three-colour process wherein suitable proportion of red, green and blue lights are blended to form the sensation of white. Also called Additive process. Development of a Split Photon Beam Position Monitor for HLS

14. Research of property of ferrite core and magnetic field of kicker magnet in HLS ring

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15. The distributed system structure of Beam Loss Monitoring System for HLS storage ring at NSRL is introduced in this paper. The frontend electronics (including flexible pulse accumulator), CAN BUS interconnection, and software are described in detail.

16. Programme control of HLS storage ring ramping

17. Based on the beam loading theory in storage ring, traditional mode with large detuned angle and tuned mode of RF system in the injection process of Hefei light source (HLS) were calculated and disadvantages of these two modes were analyzed.

18. Development of a Split Photon Beam Position Monitor for HLS

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19. Study on beam emittance for HLS storage ring

20. Environment temperature influence on beam orbit at HLS storage ring

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