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1. 网络暴力的翻译

1. 网络游戏在一些家长和老师的眼里是将孩子引入深渊的魔鬼,是色情和暴力的源头。
Network games in the eyes of some parents and teachers is a child into the abyss of the devil, is the source of pornography and violence.

2. 1楼 CS并不是一个血腥暴力的东西,他和网络游戏有着本质上的不同。
CS is not a rank smell of blood violence thing, he and the network game has the essentially difference.

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3. 据小黄说,由于长时间沉迷于网络暴力游戏,他经常有尝试亲手杀人的幻觉。
Say according to Xiaohuang, as a result of long game of indulge network force, he often has an attempt with one's own hands bloodguilty is psychedelic.

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4. 由于我国目前网络游戏法制不健全,网游中暴力、色情、粗口等内容非常多,对青少年教育、社会治安等产生了诸多恶劣影响,青少年酷爱网络暴力游戏,一味模仿游戏世界的暴力行为,最终导致悲剧的发生。
Since the legal of on-line game is not intact, content of violence, eroticism, crude words is much more than you think in network. It`s disadvantageous for young people`s education and social security. If the young addict to these violent on-line game, imitating the violent behavior, they`ll suffer some unbelievable buskin.

5. 网络暴力的翻译

5. 论文摘要:该研究以163名初中一、二年级学生为被试,探讨暴力网络游戏是否会对青少年的死亡认知产生影响。
There was 163 grade one and two junior high school students in Beijing city participated in this study.

6. 网络暴力什么意思

6. 让韩国人烦心的网络骚扰非常普遍,被视为一种网络暴力
Internet Harassment Roils South Korea, Where It Is Widespread and Described As'Cyberviolence

7. 网络暴力什么意思

7. 网络,在平安专家看来,是如此危险——和暴力世界差不多,盗贼、劫匪充斥其中。
Network, look in safe expert, it is such risk -- with violent world about the same, bandits, cateran is full of among them.

8. 不过,根据韩国学者的研究和政府部门观察,网络实名制抑制网络暴力的效果并不明显。
Nevertheless, according to the research of Korea scholar and government sector observation, network real name makes the effect that restrains network force not apparent.

9. 通报来源中有五成来自高高屏与中彰投两个区域,通报案件中有九成来自卫政与警政单位的通报,表示在家庭暴力与性侵害防治网络中,卫政与警政单位通报参与较高,而其他单位参与较低。
The results of this study show that male disabilities are more likely to experience physical abuse than female disabilities, however, female disabilities are more likely to experience sexual abuse than male disabilities.

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10. 唐颖和一个小朋友被困在电梯里两个小时,几乎丧命;她采访的一个男孩因不堪家庭暴力,竟然想自杀;另一个爱滋病患者是吃摇头丸而染上毒瘾受到感染的;她还采访了交通事故、消防安全、集体食物中毒、网络交友被骗、溺水、网络综合症、野外迷路等、并亲历了校园恶性事件。
Tang Ying and her friend were trapped in the elevator for nearly two hours, which almost killed them. A boy she interviewed could not stand family violence and was thinking of committing suicide. A boy began with taking drug and eventually got AIDS. In addition, Tang Ying reported other events like traffic accident, fire safety, collective bromatoxism, net pal deception, drowning, network syndrome, loss in the field, and so on.

11. 私人的电视网络突然打断节目表,广播街头斗殴的暴力节目,更坏的事情在近年。
Private television networks broke into scheduled programming, broadcasting violent shows of street fights, the worse in recent years.

12. 那虚拟的网络社会,那逼真的三维动画、那身临其境的网络游戏、那随心所欲的聊天室让学生们如痴如醉,已至于出现电视上报导的由于孩子进网吧导至几天不归,通宵达旦泡在网吧、因上网被网友拐骗、因上网没钱导致偷窃、因上网而出现的暴力事件等等一件件触目经心的事例、案例。
That fictitious network society, be like, the network game of that distinct three-dimensional animation, that be personally on the scene, that follow one's inclinations chatting room allows students crazy be like drunk, already entered an Internet bar to guide as a result of the child as to what cover on occurrence TV do not return to a few days, bubble of all night until dawn is in Internet bar, because get online by netizen abduct, because get online, do not have money to bring about theft, appears because of getting online violent incident to wait an an example that sees careful, case a moment. Of the parent cry, the condemnation of the helpless, society of the school...

13. 网络暴力什么意思

13. 比如,在网络游戏的选择上,是否远离了暴力,是否能体现团队互助协作的精神?
For instance, on the choice of network game, whether be far from force, whether can you reflect the spirit of group coadjutant efforts?


14. 赞成的理由是,这将有效地缓解网络暴力
Assentient argument is, this alleviates effectively the network is violent.

15. 儿童接触网络色情和暴力。
Children are exposed to online pornography and violence.

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16. 据介绍,专项工作的主要对象有8项:****、露点、偷拍、走光等挑逗图片;淫秽色情及低俗短片、视频;淫秽色情章;网上卖淫信息;假借传授性知识传播色情信息;以挑逗性标题吸引网民点击低俗内容;网络暴力;网络诈骗。
According to reports, special work are the main target of 8: nudity, dew point, Toupai, Zouguang teaser picture, and so on; vulgar and pornographic films, video; pornographic articles online prostitution; guise of imparting knowledge of the transmission of pornographic information; Teaser headline to attract Internet users click vulgar content of network violence; Internet fraud.

17. 这一暴力案件再次向人们敲响如何净化网络空间,预防未成年人犯罪的警钟。
This one violent case is knocked noisy to people again how to purify network space, prevent the alarm bell that minor commits a crime.

18. 网络暴力什么意思

18. 有暴力和欺骗而导致的无序的程度,很大一部分取决於社会关系网络是如何被建构的。
The extent of disorder resulting from force and fraud depends very much on how the network of social relations is structured.

19. 同时群体情感动员也产生了许多现实影响,比如影响公共事件进程,缓解社会压力起到安全阀作用,但也容易滋生网络暴力
At the same time, emotional mobilization has a lot of influences of reality, such as impact the process of public events, play the role of safety valve to ease social pressure, but also breed internet violence.

20. 网络暴力的意思

20. 我们的国家正处于战争的一项影响深远的网络暴力和仇恨。
Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.

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