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1. 随着我国公路隧道建设的蓬勃发展,连拱隧道的修建也越来越多。
With the rapid development of the construction of highway tunnel in China, there are more and more multi-arched tunnels.

2. 因为他不是从一位杰出的家庭,他曾使他的职业生涯,由他自己的优点;很快,他开始蓬勃发展,在粗糙和翻滚的世界前沿的法律。
Since he was not from a distinguished family, he had to make his career by his own merits and soon he began to prosper in the rough-and-tumble world of frontier law.

3. 为因应社会急遽变迁,各种知断推陈出新,成人重新投入学习,使得成人教育机构蓬勃发展
Adult education organization conspicuously develops for accommodating to the fast change of society and knowledge, and adult relearning.

4. 在最近发表的一项声明中,全球最大的计算机运营商国际商业机器公司称它会将注入60亿美元将其在印度的投资扩大为原来的三倍,这份声明为该国蓬勃发展的信息技术产业带来了新的活力。
The recent announcement by the world's largest computer services company, International Business Machines, that it will triple its investment in India by pumping in $6 billion has given a fresh boost to the country's thriving information technology sector.

5. 因此,以2002年为界限,中国迎来了从政府政策性限制、管制转向为政府积极鼓励和扶持政策主导下的企业海外投资蓬勃发展的新时期,尤其是2004年起,受国际能源和矿产资源价格大幅上涨的影响,以海外资源开发为主要目的的海外投资活动更是得到中国政府和有关金融机构的大力扶持。
They simplified the procedures of examining and approving, relax the restriction on foreign exchange for overseas investment, and increased country risk quidance and information support for firms'investment decisions. Moreover, they gave explicit policy support for financing of firms'overseas investment, and set policies to solve the problems of risk insurance in overseas investment.

6. 当前在我国蓬勃兴起的不同规模、不同形式的区域经济合作,是经济发展、市场化不断深入和竞争机制作用的必然产物。
At present, the booming regional economy cooperations of different scales and forms are the result of economic development, market-forming, and competitive mechanisms.

7. 在生物医学工程学科和医疗器械产业蓬勃发展的背景下,我校设立了医疗器械相关专业。
Below the setting that develops flourishingly in course of biology medicine project and industry of medical apparatus and instruments, my school established medical apparatus and instruments relevant major.

8. 为适应旅游业的蓬勃发展和满足市场经济的需要,北京铁路国际旅行社2003年又顺利实施了重组,由北京铁路国际旅行社,新大公司,欣途出租汽车公司三家合并为北京铁路国际旅行社。
We together with the Central Committee of the youth league had a science and technology camp with thousands of people during summer vacation in 2001. To suit the flourishing development of traveling and meet the need of market economy, we organized ourselves again in 2003 including Beijing Railway international Travel Service, Xin Da Co.

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9. 因为英国电子商务蓬勃发展,英国人已经越来越习惯于网上购物,迪克森的传统经营模式受到了极大的冲击和挑战,于是,迪克森干脆关闭了在英国所有的门店,而摇身一变,彻底转型为网络零售商。
Because British electron business affairs develops flourishingly, englishman already more and more be used to shop on the net, the traditional management pattern of Dick dark got huge concussion and challenge, then, dick dark is flat shut in England all door inn, and suddenly change one's identity, complete transition is network shopkeeper.

10. THz技术在近十几年来随着超快激光技术的进展而得到蓬勃发展
THz radiation is the gap between microwave and far-infrared region.

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11. 英国的皇家海军在这里蓬勃发展了近400年。
Britain's Royal Navy flourished here for nearly 400 years.

12. 南湖生态城科学筑城的创意模式必将促进城市经济的蓬勃发展
The origination pattern of Nanhu Ecological Town will surely promote the flourish development of the economy.

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13. 然而随着海螺沟冰川公园旅游业的蓬勃发展和其本身旅游资源所处的地质环境,不可避免的在旅游开发过程中,出现了这样或那样的问题。
However along with booming development and its tour resources of trumpet shell ditch tour industry in the glacier park the geology environment of place, the ineluctability is in the process of traveling to develop in, appeared this or problem like that.

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14. 摘要我国的资产评估是市场经济的产物,其业务涉及到产权转让、企业重组、破产清算、资产抵押、资产纳税等经济行为,虽然产生的时间不长,但已经成为我国蓬勃发展中的社会主义市场经济不可或缺的基础性中介服务行业,他扮演着评判社会主义经济发展和社会进步的公允裁判的重要角色。
Assets-Value is the outcome of our country`s market economy. It`s operation comes down to many economical actions such as attorning property right, reforming enterprise, bankruptcying and liquidating, assets mortagaging, assets ratepaying and so on.

15. 作为一种综合性的金融服务,国际保理近年来在全球范围内得到了蓬勃、迅猛的发展。
International factoring is a unique package of financial services and it has been developing rapidly in recent years.

16. 这还是一个很小的代价,建立一个蓬勃发展的网上业务。
That's still a small price to pay to build a thriving online business.

17. 近年来,符号计算的蓬勃发展,极大地推动了非线性演化方程的研究。
In recent years, the development of symbolic computation accelerates the research of nonlinear evolution equation greatly.

18. 其他人则认为冲突是良好的关系,并将帮助它蓬勃发展
Others argue that the conflict is good for the relationship and will help it to flourish.

19. 中国是一个蓬勃发展、生机盎然的市场,是益普索集团战略发展的重点之一。
China, a market full of life vitality, is one of the key strategic targets of Ipsos group.

20. 中国是一个蓬勃发展、生机盎然的市场,是益普索集团战略发展的重点之一。
China, a market full of life and vitality, is one of the key strategic targets of Ipsos group.

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