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1. 衡量;估量;评估;判定
If you measure the quality, value, or effect of something, you discover or judge how great it is.

e.g. I continued to measure his progress against the charts in the doctor's office...
e.g. A grammar school's success was measured in terms of the number of pupils who got into university...

2. 测量;度量;计量
If you measure a quantity that can be expressed in numbers, such as the length of something, you discover it using a particular instrument or device, for example a ruler.


e.g. Measure the length and width of the gap...
e.g. He measured the speed at which ultrasonic waves travel along the bone.

3. 距离(或长度、宽度、数量等)为…
If something measures a particular length, width, or amount, that is its size or intensity, expressed in numbers.


e.g. The house is more than twenty metres long and measures six metres in width...
e.g. This hand-decorated plate measures 30cm across...

4. 相当数量;一定程度
A measure of a particular quality, feeling, or activity is a fairly large amount of it.

e.g. With the exception of Juan, each attained a measure of success...
e.g. The colonies were claiming a larger measure of self-government.

5. (情形严重或发展到了一定程度的)体现,表现,标志
If you say that one aspect of a situation is a measure of that situation, you mean that it shows that the situation is very serious or has developed to a very great extent.

e.g. It is a measure of their plight that few of them have anywhere to go to...
e.g. That is a measure of how bad things have become at the bank.

6. 措施;办法
When someone, usually a government or other authority, takes measures to do something, they carry out particular actions in order to achieve a particular result.


e.g. The government warned that police would take tougher measures to contain the trouble...
e.g. He said stern measures would be taken against the killers...

7. (标准量的)一杯(烈性酒)
A measure of a strong alcoholic drink such as brandy or whisky is an amount of it in a glass. In pubs and bars, a measure is an official standard amount.


e.g. He poured himself another generous measure of malt.
e.g. ...a pub measure of spirits.

8. (音乐的)小节
In music, a measure is one of the several short parts of the same length into which a piece of music is divided.


in BRIT, use 英国英语用 bar

9. see also: measured;measuring;counter-measure;half measure;tape measure

10. 非常;极其
If you say that something has changed or that it has affected you beyond measure, you are emphasizing that it has done this to a great extent.

e.g. Mankind's knowledge of the universe has increased beyond measure...
e.g. She irritated him beyond measure.

11. 附加地;除此之外地
If you say that something is done for good measure, you mean that it is done in addition to a number of other things.

e.g. I repeated my question for good measure...
e.g. For good measure, a few details of hotels were included.

12. 了解;熟悉;估量…的能力/掂量出…的分量;摸清…的底细
If you get or take the measure of someone or something, you discover what they are like, so that you are able to control them or deal with them. If you have the measure of someone or something, you have succeeded in doing this.


e.g. The governments of the industrialized world had failed to get the measure of the crisis...
e.g. Has he taken the measure of us and concluded that we're not willing to risk a life?...

13. 在某种程度上/在很大程度上
If something is true in some measure or in large measure, it is partly or mostly true.

e.g. Power is in some measure an act of will...
e.g. In Britain, we have so far escaped, in large measure, either of these afflictions.

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