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1. 本文对饲养条件下林麝哺乳期的时间分配和行为进行了研究。
Time budget and behavior of penned forest musk deer during lactation were studied.

2. 这是需要时间,为您和您的婴孩,以了解如何哺乳。
It will take time for you and your baby to learn how to breast-feed.

3. 联合国儿童基金会长久以来一直鼓励母亲要餵新生儿吃母奶两年或更长的时间,美国小儿科医学会目前也在其正式的政策宣导文件中载明,小儿科医生应鼓励母亲们哺乳至少一年,其后则视母子双方的意愿,尽可能能餵多久就餵多久。
UNICEF has long encouraged breastfeeding for two years and longer, and the American Academy of Pediatrics is now on record as encouraging mothers to nurse at least one year and as long after as both mother and baby desire.

4. 有记载表明,自从避孕药问世妇女们弥补了自然缺陷,但要忍受多达450次的月经周期,而在避孕药问世前她们只需要经历50次左右的月经周期,因为她们大部分的时间花在妊娠和哺乳上了。
They note women hae been tinkering with nature since the adent of birth control pills and now endure as many as 450 periods, compared with 50 or so in the days when women spent most of their fertile years pregnant or breast-feeding.

5. 哺乳时间和在本单位内哺乳往返途中的时间,算作劳动时间。
The time spent on feeding and the time spent en route to and from the place of feeding inside the Unit concerned shall be deemed to be Labor hours.

6. 气相色谱法测定氰戊菊酯以及辛:氰混剂的毒代动力学结果表明:氰戊菊酯以及辛:氰混剂的血药浓度-时间曲线均符合一级吸收一室开放模型,主要毒代动力学参数分别为Ka=0.47h-1,Ke=0.19h-1,t1/2=1.6h,t1/2=3.74h和Ke=0.04h-1,t1/2=21.70h;辛硫磷可使氰戊菊酯在生物体内的代谢消除速率减慢,辛:氰混配使用使氰戊菊酯对哺乳动物的急性毒性有所增加。
The toxicokinetics of fenvalerate and the mixture derived from fenvalerate and phoxim with gas chromatography showed that 1. concentration-time profiles were fitted to one-compartment open model with first order absorption, the main toxicokinetic parameters were respectively Ka=0.47h〓, Ke=0.19 h〓, t〓=1.60h, t〓=3.74h and Ke=0.04 h〓, t〓=21.70h; 2. the elimination rate of fenvalerate was decreased, the metabolizability and exclusion of fenvalerate in rat body was retarded. So the acute toxicity of fenvalerate to mammal is increased after expoure to the mixture.

7. 我们知道乳头液可以是生理性或病理性的,非妊娠哺乳期的乳头溢液发生率约为3%8%,溢液可以是无色、乳白色、淡黄色、棕色、血性等,也可呈水样、血样、浆液样脓性;溢液量可多可少,间隔时间亦不一样,一般晚期患者溢液比较严重,这时可以对乳头溢液应进行涂片细胞学检查以明确。
We know the nipple liquid can be a psychological or pathological, pregnancy and lactation nipple discharge rate approximately 3%, discharge May 8 is a colorless, ivory, light yellow, brown, etc, also can show hemorrhagic samples, blood, serum sample purulent fluid, may be less than, the time interval is different, generally treating patients with adanced when quite serious, of nipple discharge should smear cytology in breast cancer.

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8. 哺乳动物不能消化它,但草食性动物以纤维素为食,食入后在其消化道内停留的时间很长,这样生活于其消化道内的微生物便得以将它消化。
Mammals cannot digest cellulose, but bacteria in the rumens of cattle and other ruminants and protozoans in the gut of termites produce enzymes that can break it down.

9. 在1926-40年出生队列中,活产及活产次数多与乳腺癌呈显著的负向关联,而在1941-50年出生队列中观察到显著的初产年龄以及初潮和初产间隔时间与乳腺癌发生的剂量反应关系,是否哺乳只在1951-60年出生队列中与乳腺癌有显著的关联。
Breastfeeding was linked to the cancer risk only among 1951-60`s birth cohort.

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10. 选择50例足月妊娠行择期剖宫产术的初产妇为观察组,50例足月妊娠自然阴道分娩的初产妇为对照组,两组产妇均行母婴早期接触,早吸吮,母婴同室,按需哺乳等措施,监测两组产妇泌乳始动时间及泌乳量。
Methods 50 cases of uterine-incision and spontaneous delivery were selected respectively as observation and control groups. Both groups were conducted earlier contact and sucking, direct rooming-in and suckling as needed. The beginning time and quantity of lactation in both groups were monitored. Results The beginning time of lactation in observation group was longer than that in control group.

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11. 在哺乳动物体内,启动卵泡生长的机制还不完全清楚,卵泡的体外培养遇到较大困难;由于不同物种卵泡的成熟时间和调节机理有较大差异,因此它们的体外培养技术还不能通用。
There are important species differences in regulation and timing of maturation, which makes it difficult to transpose techniques.

12. 第六十三条不得安排女职工在哺乳未满一周岁的婴儿期间从事国家规定的第三级体力劳动强度的劳动和哺乳期禁忌从事的其他劳动,不得安排其延长工作时间和夜班劳动。
Article 62 After childbirth, female workers shall be entitled to no less than ninety days of maternity leaves with pay.

13. 不同浓度雷帕霉素作用于RPMI8226细胞不同时间,应用MTT检测细胞的增殖,流式细胞术检测细胞凋亡及细胞周期,半定量PCR检测雷帕霉素干预RPMI8226后细胞周期蛋白D1(cyclin D1)、CXCR4 mRNA表达,荧光定量PCR检测哺乳动物雷帕霉素靶蛋白mRNA表达的影响。
Different concentrations of rapamycin were used to treat the multiple myeloma cell line RPM18226 for different times. The proliferation of the cells was detected by MTT assay; the apoptosis rate and cell cycle were determined by flow cytometry; apoptosis of cells was observed by inverted microscopy; the cylin D1, CXCR4 and mTOR mRNA expressions were detected by RT-PCR or FQ-PCR after treating RPM18226 cells with different concentrations of rapamycin. The results indicated that the rapamycin could inhibit the proliferation of RPM18226 cells and induce their apoptosis.

14. 按照哺乳动物mtDNA碱基突变率每百万年2%计算,两个蒙古牛群体(净遗传距离为0.2831%)的分化时间大约为14万年前。
They might be separate about 140 thousand years ago.

15. 然而,新的研究表明,哺乳时间越短对婴儿越有利。
New research, however, has found that shorter breastfeeding time may be more beneficial for the baby.

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16. 做给孩子足够的时间哺乳。
Do give the child enough time to breast-feed.

17. 哺乳时间每次保持10~15分钟比较合适。
Breast-feeding time for each to maintain 10 to 15 minutes more appropriate.

18. 因而虽说哺乳时间长,不一定吃的奶量多。
Although breast-feeding and therefore a long time and do not necessarily eat many milk.

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19. 每班劳动时间内的两次哺乳时间可以合并使用。
Working class time in two time breast-feeding can be combined.

20. 这可能是原因,谁的母亲吸烟,选择不喂哺母乳的所有或哺乳为更短的时间内。
This may be the reason that mothers who smoke choose not to breastfeed at all or breastfeed for a shorter time.

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