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Many experts say that Billy Wilder changed the history of American movies. He is often called the best movie maker Hollywood has ever had.

He was known for making movies that offered sharp social comment. Wilder was one of the first directors to do this. Between the middle 1930s and the 1980s, Billy Wilder made almost fifty movies. During that time he received more than twenty nominations (提名) from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He won six of the Oscar awards. His movies have been seen by people around the world.

In 1944, Billy Wilder made the film Double Indemnity. Some critics said this movie established him as one of the greatest Hollywood directors. Wilder directed The Lost Weekend in 1945. Ray Milland plays the part of an alcoholic writer in the movie. It shows that alcohol rules his life, yet he does not admit it. He hides alcohol in his home and says he is not drinking.

In 1950, Wilder made Sunset Boulevard. This movie told of an aging actress in silent movies. She plans to return to movies though facing many problems. In 1954, Billy Wilder became an independent producer. The next year, Wilder's first movie as an independent filmmaker was a huge success. It was Seven Year Itch. In this movie, a married mailman wants to cheat on his wife with some of his friends. In 1959, Wilder made a funny movie that was very popular. It was Some Like It Hot. It tells about two jazz musicians being chased by criminals. They decide to wear women's clothes and join a band in which all the musicians were women.

Wilder died in March, 2002. He was ninety?five. A current Hollywood producer said: “Billy Wilder made movies that people will never forget.”

1.The text is mainly about ________.

A.the background of American movies

B.the development of American movies

C.Wilder's attitude to American movies

D.Wilder's achievements in American movies

2.What was Wilder famous for according to Para. 2?

A.His unique style of making movies.

B.Sharp remarks on society in his movies.

C.More than twenty awards he received.

D.Almost fifty movies he produced himself.

3.Which of the following made Wilder among the greatest Hollywood directors?

A.Double Indemnity. B.Sunset Boulevard.

C.The Lost Weekend. D.Some Like It Hot.

4.The text is developed mainly by ________.

A.following time order B.making comparisons

C.analyzing exact data D.giving instructions

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    _______ the best in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded scholarships ________21,000 dollars.

    A. Judging; would total B. To be judged; totaled

    C. Having judged; to total D. Judged; totaling


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    Students wishing to safeguard their careers against changes in the job market should opt for science rather than arts degrees, according to a survey of undergraduates.

    Engineering and chemistry were considered to be the most “future proof”, as they are courses most likely to lead to an enduring and adaptable career.

    Students polled by Pearson College were broadly optimistic that their chosen courses would prepare them for a world in which the job market could change dramatically during their working lives.

    But opinion was sharply divided over which degrees were best for future?proof careers.

    Eighty?two percent of respondents believed engineering would help develop future?proof skills, with 74 percent believing the same of chemistry and 73 percent of computer science.

    But just 33 percent of undergraduates believed history would lead to a future?proof career, and 40 percent English.

    However more than two thirds of students (67 percent) thought the world of work would be significantly different or completely unrecognizable in 20 years.

    The findings, published today, come after Education Secretary Nicky Morgan sparked controversy with claims that teenagers should steer clear of the arts and humanities and opt for science or maths subjects if they want to access the widest range of jobs.

    She said that in previous decades students would only take maths or science if they wanted to pursue a specific career such as medicine or pharmacy, but nowadays that “couldn't_be_further_from_the_truth”.

    “If you wanted to do something different, or even if you didn't know what you wanted to do ... then the arts and humanities were what you chose. Because they were useful — we were told — for all kinds of jobs. Of course now we know that couldn't be further from the truth, and that the subjects that keep young people's options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.”

    She also described maths as “the subject that employers value most” and said that pupils who study A?level maths will earn 10 percent more over their lifetime.

    “These figures show us that too many young people are making choices aged 15 which will hold them back for the rest of their lives.”she said.

    1.In order to guarantee your future job, which kind of courses will you choose according to the survey?

    A.Engineering or English.

    B.History or Maths.

    C.Maths or Art.

    D.Engineering or Chemistry.

    2.What's the students' attitude towards their chosen courses?

    A.Doubtful. B.Worried.

    C.Optimistic. D.Objective.

    3.How do you understand the underlined words?

    A.It is far away from the truth.

    B.It's to the truth.

    C.It couldn't be closer to the truth.

    D.It reflects the truth.

    4.What did Nicky Morgan indicate in her claim?

    A.If you want to do something different, the arts and humanities are what you choose now.

    B.STEM subjects can make young people choose their future jobs freely.

    C.At college, young people should make choices for their lives.

    D.Maths and science are considered to be the subjects that employers value most.


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    If you think that running marathons will help you live a long and healthy life, new research may come as a shock. According to a recent scientific study, people who do a very strenuous workout are as likely to die as people who do no exercise at all.

    Scientists in Denmark have been studying over 1,000 joggers and non?joggers for 12 years. The death rates from the sample group indicate that people who jog at a moderate pace two or three times a week for less than two and a half hours in total are least likely to die. The best speed to jog at was found to be about 5 miles per hour. The research suggests that people who jog more than three times a week or at higher speeds of over 7 mph die at the same rate as non?joggers. The scientists think that this is because strenuous exercise causes structural changes to the heart and arteries (动脉). Over time, this can cause serious injuries.

    Peter Schnohr, a researcher in Copenhagen, said, “If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy. Anything more is just unnecessary, and it may be harmful.”

    The implications of this are that moderate forms of exercise such as tai chi, yoga and brisk walking may be better for us than “iron man” events, triathlons and long?distance running and cycling. According to Jacob Louis Marott, another researcher involved in the study,“You don't actually have to do that much to have a good impact on your health.And perhaps you shouldn't actually do too much.”

    1.The underlined word “strenuous” in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to “________”.

    A.hard B.regular

    C.practical D.flexible

    2.The author presents some figures in Paragraph 2 to ________.

    A.suggest giving up jogging

    B.show risks of doing sports

    C.provide supportive evidence

    D.introduce the research process

    3.According to the scientists, why is too much exercise harmful?

    A.It may injure the heart and arteries.

    B.It can make the body tired out.

    C.It will bring much pressure.

    D.It consumes too much energy.

    4.What can be inferred from the text?

    A.Jogging is the best exercise.

    B.More exercise means a healthier life.

    C.Marathons runners are least likely to die.

    D.Proper exercise contributes to good health.


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    The saying “a penny for your thoughts” is an English idiom simply asking people to volunteer their opinions on an issue being discussed. In modern usage, it is often stated as an indirect way of asking what someone is thinking about.

    This phrase is basically a proposal (提议), and the speaker is offering to pay to hear the listener's thoughts. It is an idiom, of course, and not meant literally (字面上地) so no real payment generally takes place.

    When the saying originated, a penny was worth a lot more than it is in the 21st century.Therefore, “a penny for your thoughts” likely indicated the thoughts were more valuable to those asking the listener for them than they are by today's standards. This loss of value can be used ironically (讽刺地), however, through tone (语气) of voice; it can be used to indicate that someone's idea is bad or worth a penny in modern value.

    The phrase is generally credited to a man by the name of John Heywood, who was born sometime just before the 16th century. During his life, he was a writer who penned many plays and a book in 1546, later known as The Proverbs of John Heywood. It is likely that Heywood did not actually come up with the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”. Rather, he was simply the first person to have set the phrase down in written form. The actual origins of the term are unknown, and since his book was simply a collection of common idioms and expressions, it was probably familiar to people in the mid 1500s.

    Another phrase similar to “a penny for your thoughts”is offering “your two cents” after making a statement. Someone might give his or her opinion and then say, “that's my two cents,” to indicate the value of his or her idea. While, much like a penny, “two cents” is relatively low in value now, it would have been more valuable at one time and the expression is used in much the same way.

    1.When someone says “a penny for your thoughts”, he or she________.

    A.wants to ask you for advice

    B.considers your thoughts unique

    C.is curious about what's on your mind

    D.will pay for what you're thinking about

    2.The modern meaning of “a penny for your thoughts” ________.

    A.is more closely connected to the value of the penny

    B.can differ greatly according to a speaker's tone of voice

    C.can confuse the listener easily

    D.is more popularly accepted

    3.In what way is Heywood related to the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”?

    A.He came up with it while he was writing.

    B.He helped to explain the origins of it.

    C.He contributed to the wide use of it.

    D.He was the first person to use it.

    4.What do we know about the phrase “your two cents”?

    A.It is usually used at the end of a statement.

    B.It comes from “a penny for your thoughts”.

    C.It has witnessed some changes since the 16th century.

    D.It is more familiar to people than “a penny for your thoughts”.


    科目:高中英语 来源:2016届高三复习跟踪检测英语试卷(17)(解析版) 题型:完形填空


    Landmark College recently put in an additional five speed bumps (减速带), now bringing the number of speed bumps to ten on campus (校园). My guess for __________ they added more speed bumps is either the administration felt that the students were __________ too fast, or maybe they just wanted to give us a bumpy ride to annoy us.

    One may ____________ that the speed bumps they ____________ will just improve safety and decrease __________, and it does keep cars at a slow speed and gives pedestrians the ____________ they need for ____________ the road to get to class. __________, adding too many speed bumps could turn a safety precaution to a danger. The speed bumps down the hill are becoming a ____________. For example, driving over the speed bumps __________ causing wear and tear on a car. I foresee a future problem happening when it starts to ____________. With snow and ice on the ground, some cars may have difficulty ___________ for these speed bumps on the hill. If ice was on the ground, it is very likely that a driver may lose control and ____________ the bumpy hill.

    The administrators who ordered the speed bumps should reach out and talk it out with the students who have to ____________ the speed bumps every day, and ask ____________ any damage or problems have occurred already.

    Lately, students have been ____________ anything in their power to avoid as many speed bumps as possible. Some students have even damaged a speed bump or two, but it would be ____________ hours later.

    It's no surprise that students at Landmark College are ____________ with the new addition, and with so many students getting angry with the ___________, we could finally get the word out and get the administration to make a ____________.

    1.A.why B.how C.when D.where

    2.A.running B.speaking C.driving D.walking

    3.A.agree B.decide C.imagine D.ignore

    4.A.destroyed B.added C.recommended D.needed

    5.A.weight B.speeding C.spending D.crime

    6.A.quality B.efficiency C.performance D.safety

    7.A.designing B.building C.crossing D.watching

    8.A.Therefore B.Otherwise C.However D.Besides

    9.A.problem B.form C.tool D.rule

    10.A.keeps off B.stands for C.results from D.ends up

    11.A.rain B.clear C.snow D.cool

    12.A.coming down B.slowing down C.settling down D.calming down

    13.A.wait for B.stare at C.care about D.slide down

    14.A.use B.repair C.check D.remember

    15.A.until B.unless C.if D.since

    16.A.refusing B.doing C.hugging D.keeping

    17.A.painted B.replaced C.covered D.studied

    18.A.busy B.friendly C.careful D.displeased

    19.A.goal B.standard C.situation D.comment

    20.A.change B.plan C.promise D.wish


    科目:高中英语 来源:2016届高三复习跟踪检测英语试卷(11)(解析版) 题型:阅读理解


    Three?dimensional printers are fast becoming everyday devices in the United States. Three?D printers are used to make everything from automobile parts to bone replacements for human patients. American research scientists are now working on creating replacements for living tissue.

    Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina have been working on creating and manufacturing living tissue since 2003. This process is called biofabrication (生物制造). It requires special printing equipment and a special kind of ink.

    Traditional printers require ink to produce an image or design on a piece of paper. For their three?D printer, the South Carolina researchers prepare complex nutritious solutions they call bio?inks. Bio?inks are made of proteins and glucose (葡萄糖), which normally provides energy for most cells of the body. The researchers also add living cells taken from the animal that will receive the new, printed tissue. The bio?inks are then added to a device that researchers call the Palmetto bio?printer.

    Sarah Grace Dennis is one of the researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina. She says new technology, like the Palmetto bio?printer, is a great help to the biofabrication process.

    The bio?inks are placed in three dispensers (分配器), containers, inside the printer. Lasers control both the position of the printing surface and the places where the bio?ink is released.

    Michael Yost is a leader of the research team. He says the printing process is fully automated — machine?operated. He says that the Palmetto bio?printer makes it possible to create complex tissue types.

    The researchers say bio?printing is still experimental. But they hope in a few years they may be able to print tissue to replace damaged human organs.

    But there are still some problems which need to be solved. Some scientists worry about how to get blood to the replacement tissue. The flow of blood is important to keep the printed tissue alive.

    Michael Yost hopes that more people will believe in the benefits of biofabrication.

    “Tissue biofabrication is a reality, and it is a reality now, and if you come here and you get to see it. You will get to see it. You can't touch it, but you will see it and think this is real. And this is really human.”

    1.What can we know about the bio?inks?

    A.They are the necessities of bio?printing.

    B.They only contain proteins and glucose.

    C.They can be placed in the traditional printers.

    D.They are available in our local drugstores.

    2.Which of the following is one of the concerns with biofabrication?

    A.Researchers can't find enough living cells of animals to make the bio?inks.

    B.The price of the bio?printer is too high and most people can't afford it.

    C.Scientists have some difficulty in getting the blood to the replacement tissue.

    D.People are worried about the safety of the biofabrication process.

    3.According to Michael Yost, we can infer that ________.

    A.the Palmetto bio?printer can work without power

    B.the Palmetto bio?printer has been used to treat the patients

    C.the Palmetto bio?printer can only be found in the United States

    D.the Palmetto bio?printer will have a bright future in medical use

    4.The passage mainly tells us about ________.

    A.the three?D printer and its working principles

    B.the bio?inks and their use in bio?printing

    C.the spread use of the bio?printer in the USA

    D.the growing demand for biofabrication


    科目:高中英语 来源:2016届湖北襄阳五中高三5月高考模拟适应性考试(一)英语卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

    Sports are the base of my life, next to my mother who raised me when my dad left us. I have been into sports since I was six years old. I have known many coaches and heard hundreds of their tips, but they usually focused on drills to develop my skills and reach the next level of play.

    When I was in Senior two, I met the new school basketball coach, Brian Pawloski. I thought I was certain to be selected for the school team since I had been in it the year before. I showed up to the tryouts and put out about 90% effort since I thought I’d make it with no problem. That was a big mistake.

    Brian Pawloski is the hardest-working coach I have ever met. He didn’t expect 100% effort, he expected 200% effort. One example: he once made us do 40 suicide drills for the 40 lay-ups(投篮) we missed in a game. Some think this is crazy, but it isn’t. After this conditioning practice, as we were getting a cup of cold water to drink, I said, “Coach, that was the best practice I ever had.” I was completely sincere. This man was and is the person who influenced me most at my high school. He expects us to be excellent not just on the court but in the classroom. If I am not working on basketball, I am reading a book that he thinks will help us better understand life’s challenges, including Wooden, Coach, and The Screwtape Letters.

    In the first two years I slacked off, not putting forth my full potential. Now, unlike the coaches of my youth, this man was interested in how we did off the court. He always made sure I kept up with my studies and was able to be trusted. I can honestly say that no other coach has given me so much advice on how to succeed in basketball, but more importantly, in life. My school is lucky to have such a great person to teach, coach and influence their students. I will always remember my high-school basketball days as one of the hardest times I have ever worked in my life not only in basketball but in my growth as an individual.

    1.Different from other coaches, Coach Brian _____________.

    A. concentrated on skill training

    B. trained the team to the edge of death

    C. expected the team to do well in their studies

    D. asked the team to do more reading than training

    2.The underlined phrase “slacked off” in the last paragraph probably means ______________.

    A. paid no attention B. showed no interest

    C. had less passion D. made less effort

    3.In the author’s eyes, Coach Brian is ____________.

    A. strict and helpful

    B. hardworking and honest

    C. skilled and cruel

    D. professional and serious


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