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1. Most experiments indicated that addition of phytase could increase the ADG andfeed consumption significantly and promote the animal performance.


2. ADG scaffolding supporting frames series including the construction template, the external walls of the scaffolding; steel scaffolding construction, decoration and building maintenance scaffolding; bridge construction Backstop, lighting audio racks, rack stands, the stage rack and other products, while providing the scaffolding from the program design to the construction of a Liuzhou services.

3. However, the ADG and feed conversion of beef cattle in group n were the best.

4. Also from ADG, a cooling pad with flowers painted on it. Look Chinese?

5. ADG

5. ADG series of works by all the scaffolding and temporary stands system organic combination, for the period of 40 days.

6. When iron concentration was 120 mg/kg, ADG and ADFI of piglets were the highest in all groups.
耗竭期结束后,试验期对照组继续饲喂基础日粮,6个试验组日粮分别在基础日粮中添加铁含量为80、120和180 mg/kg的酵母铁或硫酸亚铁,饲喂10 d。


7. The result indicate that the genetic algorithm provides a new way to solve the fire distribution for ADG made up of AGM.

8. Ple2trait BLUP, and economic weight of BF was set as 215 times of that of ADG.

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9. Results showed that supplementation of the diet with the different combinations of Cu, Fe, Zn and Mn significantly (P.05) increased average daily gain in chickens for the first phase of 1~21 day, and levels of Fe supplemented was the key factor (P=0.0522) determined ADG.
结果显示,日粮Cu、Fe、Zn、Mn的不同组合显著影响1~21 d日增体质量,Fe的添加水平是影响1~21 d肉鸡日增体质量的决定因素。

10. It is illustrated that mice were treated by DHA for long time, liplyosis in adipose tissue was prometed, and lipogenesis in liver was depressed. And the ADG was decrease because of decreasing in fat accumulation.3. Mice adipocytes were treated by DHA for 24 h, proliferation of adipocytes had no difference, but the proliferation was inhibited in 48 h.

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11. Finally this paper formalizes the capability mechanism defined by POSIX (portable operating system interface) standard, constructing ADG for it.
最后对POSIX(portable operating system interface)标准的权能机制进行形式化描述,计算并构造其授权推导图。

12. And during the whole testing periods, comparing with the control group, ADG in Chinese herb feed additive group were increased by 6.79% (P0.05), feed conversion was decreased by 2.07%, feed cost was decreased by 7.14% per kg body weight gain.

13. The results showed that the compound meat quality ameliorant added to pigs could improve the ADG and F/G, and acquired more economic benefits.

14. ADG, ADFI, serum ferritin and transferrin in iron-enriched yeast group were higher than those in ferrous sulfate group.

15. The results showed that the ADG in the groups supplied with 10mg/kg, 15mg/kg and 20mg/kg of Flavomycin obviously increased (P < 0.05).

16. To investigate the fattening pattern of housed beef cattle in Jiuquan area, 62 male calves were used to conduct the fattening trial under 3 different nutrition levels of concentrate to analyze the aver - age daily gain (ADG), feed efficiency and economic return.

17. Study of K-ADG Gel in the Treatment of Chloasma

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18. The result showed that the compound organic acid (SI) could significantly increase average daily gain (ADG), decrease feed/gain (F/G) ratio and diarrhea ratio, and also decrease the cost of feed.


19. At this dietary DE level, energy intake, conversion retention and average daily gain (ADG) of the rabbits were high.

20. The effect of different digestible energy and different crude protein level on body size, average daily gain (ADG), diarrhea rate, death rate, nutrient digestion rate, and blood biochemistry index of calves was studied in the experiment.

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