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1. 通过植物甾醇与琥珀酸酐酯化反应后,可以提高植物甾醇的亲水能力,并且其酯化产物由于其特有的生理功能及理化性质,被广泛地应用于食品、医药和化妆品行业。
It has been reported that the hydrophilicity of phytosterol can be strengthened and the solubility in the water is also increased through modifying hydroxyl at C-3 position with succinic anhydride.

2. 我深知:精通技术,是将来走向成功的阶梯,而广泛地涉猎人文社会知识才是成功的真正保障。
I know: technical proficiency, is the future success ladder, and widely dabbles in humanities and social knowledge is the real success.

3. 我会尽我所能,更好地学习英语,因为它是如此地广泛应用于世界各地。
I`ll try my best to learn English better, for it is so widely used in the world.

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4. 该方法较好地解决了探元的非线性响应问题,图像处理质量有很大提高,为01星CCD数据的更广泛应用奠定了基础。
The new method solves the non-linear response problem better, and the quality of image processing is improved obviously, which establish the foundation of the wider application for the CB...

5. 而随着BT制剂的广泛应用,家蚕卒倒病越来越严重地威胁着我国的蚕业生产。
With the more comprehensive use of BT biotic pesticidal, silkworm bacterial toxicosis threntened the development and safety of sericulture in our country.

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6. 它具有广阔的应用前景,可以广泛地应用于安全部门、身份证管理、电视会议等领域。
It can be applied to many different fields such as security departments, I.

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7. 提出在筹建的上海同步辐射装置上建造一条MeV量级γ射线束及应用站,采用μm波长的红外激光与储存环中 3 。5GeV电子束进行康普顿背散射,从而获得能区为 1— 2 5MeV的康普顿背散射γ光子束,该光子束具有高强度、高极化度、准单色、方向性好的优点,可以广泛地应用于核物理和核天体物理基础研究及相关的应用研究领域。
We propose a build to low energy γ ray beam line at the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility. By Compton back scattering of infrared or far infrared laser lights from 3.5 GeV electrons circulating in the storage ring of SSRF, high intense quasi monochromatic BCS γ rays with high linear or circular polarization ranging 1-25MeV will be produced.

8. 融资租赁是现代最为新型的设备融资模式之一,世界上的大多数发达国家和一些发展中国家均广泛地采取这一手段来获取设备的使用权。
Financial leasing is one of the newest methods of equipment finance, and the method is widely used to acquire the right to use the equipment by most of developed countries and a few of developing countries.

9. 分娩椅。从前,象这种有缺口坐板的椅子广泛地用于欧洲。
In the past, chairs like this with a carved-out seat were used widely in Europe.

10. 创新一直是企业前进和发展的灵魂,公司在进口电刷国产化项目虽然已经取得了喜人的业绩,但是我们并没有满足,2003年,我厂成功地研制了智能集电器和集电滚筒,并获得了国家专利,在2005年度各界朋友的支持下,顺利的将公司现已设计开发成功的高速汽轮发电机电刷和电机运行远程监控系统得到广泛的应用和推广,为广大客户的管理工作提供了方便,提高工作效率,另外,公司研制的洗及机电刷项目也进入了最后的测试阶段。
Innovation has always been a business forward and the development of the soul, the company made in the import of brush has been made, though gratifying results, but we did not meet in 2003, our factory has successfully developed a smart set of electrical appliances and electric drum set, and obtained a national patent, in the 2005 the support of friends from all walks of life, smooth design and development company is now a successful high-speed turbo-generator brush and electric remote monitoring system has been running a wide range of application and promotion for the general management of customers, providing a convenient, enhance work efficiency In addition, the company developed and the Electrical and brush to wash the item has entered the final testing stage.

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11. 由于它有一系列优点,近年来日益受到广泛地关注。
Because a lot of advantages of digital transducer, it becomes more and more important.

12. 膜蛋白的研究对於细胞运作上扮演相当重要的角色,而平面脂质双层膜则广泛地应用在膜蛋白的电生理研究,因此本研究中我们设计三种平面脂质双层膜的成膜方式:painting method、脂质水溶液液滴成膜以及脂质体绝缘介电泳成膜来形成脂质双层膜,因此我们成功地利用人工操作的方式在孔洞中形成平面脂质双层膜,并且在光学上观测到脂质双层膜薄化以及黑色光圈我们称为Plateau–Gibbs border,在电性量测上也可测得厚度约2-6 nm电容值为:1 ?
Membrane proteins play essential roles in cellular processes. A planar lipid bilayer is widely used for the electrophysiological study of membrane proteins. In this research, we fabricated EWOD-based platform with 50-150? n? 慆 aperture for bilayer lipid membrane formation. And we design three types of BLM formation: painting method, lipid droplet-based formation and insulator-based of liposomes. We successfully yield planar lipid bilayer of about 2-6 nm thickness (1? 媹/cm2) which is observed thinning and Plateau–Gibbs border situation on micro-pore chips in optical and electrical measurement.

13. 纳滤膜的发展完善了膜分离技术,一方面,它同其他工程科学紧密地交叉结合,例如产生与传感器相结合构成膜传感器等新技术,大有替代传统分离方法的趋势;另一方面也存在一些问题,价格和膜污损已成为应用的瓶颈,特别是在医药行业中,影响了该技术的广泛使用,因此也最值得深入研究。
Mechanisms for the Selective Rejection of Solutes in Nanofiltration Membrane.

14. 五十年风磨雨砺,岁月如歌,在艰辛曲折的发展历程中,阳城一中的领导班子志存高远,脚踏实地,求真、务实、开放、向上,始终坚持尊重历史,崇尚生态,坚持历史与现代相结合,追求高起点、高标准、整体性、艺术性,大力创造具有高尚人文精神的学习、生活综合育人氛围,作为全县第一所设施齐备的现代化办学基地,阳城一中不断地以她充满生机的自然环境、宽松和谐的人文环境、催人向上的育人环境博得莘莘学子的广泛青睐!
Fifty years rain wind mill grind, sui yue ru ge, in the arduous and tortuous course of development, Yangcheng one of the leading bodieszhi cun gao yuan, down-to-earth, truth-seeking, pragmatic, open, progressive, and always insist on respect for history, advocating ecological, insist the combination of history and modernity, the pursuit of a high starting point, high standards, integrity, artistry, and vigorously to create the humanistic spirit of high learning, educating people to live an integrated environment, as the county's first modern school facilities base, Yangcheng 1 continuously to her vibrant natural environment, a relaxed and harmonious human environment, cui ren progressive education environment for our students to win broad favor!

15. 分析目前生产计划与批量优化研究的最新动态,利用迅速发展起来的遗传算法作为工具,深入研究了生产计划与批量优化的理论和方法,对于提高企业的生产效率和效益,合理地组织生产活动,有着重要的理论价值和广泛的实际意义。
Analyzing the current development of sequence and scheduling theory and using the booming GA as the tool. It will be significant in theory and application for increasing the efficiency and benefit of manufacturing enterprises.

16. 随着网络的不断发展,网页浏览器作为上网的所必需的软件之一,已经得到了广泛地应用。
With the continuous development of the network, the Internet web browser as one of the necessary software, and has been widely used.

17. 介绍了国内干式电抗器企业的技术发展及其技术开发上的重大突破,干式平波电抗器以其对地绝缘简单、无油化、功率倒送不会产生临界电介质应力、运行维护费用低、重量轻等特点广泛应用于电力系统中。
This paper presents the innovative course and the major breakthrough of technical development in the domestic enterprises of dry-type reactor.

18. 随着研究的深入,更多心理学领域的研究成果,也广泛地运用到冲动性购买行为领域中来。
With the development of study, more and more psychological theories are applied in this area.

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19. 中文摘要:摘要:从一次函数和二次函数说起,以几个关于一次函数及二次函数的中考例题来探索一次函数和二次函数在市场经济中的应用规律,通过对已选例题中两种函数广泛性运用的探究,找出应用规律来更好地指导我们的经济生活,从而体现一次函数与二次函数在市场经济中的运用价值。
From a start with quadratic function and function to function and a few on a quadratic function of the examples in the test function and to explore a quadratic function in a market economy in the application of the law, has been chosen by the example of two extensive function The use of Inquiry to find out to better application of laws to guide our economic life, thus a function of the quadratic function in a market economy in the use of value.

20. 仙宇电子有限公司有著广泛的资讯渠道,与许多电子设计公司有著紧密的联系,及时深入地了解国内外LCM技术发展以及手持式产品等相关应用领域的市场资讯,准确掌握市场的发展趋势,设计上不断创新,使我们提供的产品适合不断变化的市场需要。
We also have convenient information channels and close relationships with many electron design companies to keep us in pace with the rapid development in the LCM field and demands and tendencies of the market.

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