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1. travel first class什么意思

1. A cross between a captain's uniform and a first-class passenger's travel outfit, it had a kind of jet-set practicality—a mix of sportif and utilitarian that carried through to other looks, including a ribbed knit tunic dress, a sequin baseball jacket worn with skinny jeans and a matching cap, and a cargo skirt topped by the familiar Chanel tweed jacket in army green.

2. At a time when it seems that low-cost air travel and trips are de rigeur, some companies are working harder than ever to provide high-quality first class travel experiences.

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3. Chun Qiu Travel has a group of qualified first-class operators and tour guides, we are able to tailor make your holiday with a high professional standard.

4. Is that you and your manmagement team have a big deal of benefis, travel around with First Class, live in 5 Star hotel, and eat in the best restaurat?

5. The group established culture of tea of big increase international to communicate theme of first top class tea of center and home in Beijing meeting place-- emperor tea party, and root is accumulated at counting chiliad China civilization, formed one a complete set of to reveal, the distinctive way that spreads Chinese tea culture and traditional culture: Be in harmony lies fallow enjoyably leisurely elegant and the banquet of tea of preserve one's health that tastes jade of food of drink, Zhong Gu, pleasing to the eye tea art encyclopedical and performance, profound tea the top class member with communication, exalted acme experiences at an organic whole, civilization of Chinese tea drink puts store hereat, ferment, travel to the world.

6. The company manufactured more than one hundred kinds of world first-class tropical rain forest artificial scenery trees and travel industrial art products.

7. Pianpian the day you travel far and wide in the air, the occasion, comfortable, lightweight, you do not want to stay in this day or that side of the corner of your happiness is not blocked and experience, you inadvertently in a more humble on the ground have first-class Jianshui, although you When crossing in the Mingyan Dianran his Kongling, he woke up, your Qianyingbaojin.
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8. It's too early to mourn the end of first class travel, though.

9. Is a manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum thermos bottle, automobile cup, coffee cup, travel pot, heat boxes in first-class enterprise.

10. By Tom Antion Today, when airlines offer more economy seating and more cut-rate fares, some customers and industry watchers predict the end of first class travel.

11. Speedo Travel Company aims to deliver first class service by listening to our customers'needs. We specialise in corporate travel, providing high quality travel service with reasonable price for internationally recognised business firm.

12. They are entitled to first class travel

13. travel first class

13. For my return journey, I felt I could afford the extra and travel first class


14. I refrained from asking how he could travel first class on the France when he was dead broke.

15. This ticket does not entitle you to travel first class.

16. Forecast of first-class time parameters such as truck's travel time and shovel's loading time is an important problem for truck dispatching system in open-pit mines.

17. One of the benefits of a Eurail pass is that you get to travel first class, and for the first time in our lives we ride a train in a " compartment " just as in the movies.

18. Judging by the way I was dressed, he must have thought I was too poor to travel first class.

19. I'd travel first class if I could afford it.

20. travel first class

20. First class is the most expensive way to travel?

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