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1. I have told you befor things that i sow from my father god that is the name of my power from that day 3.6.07 i will tel all the world what i realy sow and what i remember from my other life just a fwe things. i sow my self like a breath of the win like a spirit that lives in all in every thing not just huming bin even in the grace in the stones in pictures in the books like points and words are moving i sow that the earth is moving in a sircle in my stumik i sow my self living in a rose in the sun somthing in this rose like a pin i was blowing and breathing and all around me trees shining with gold silver jurly and angels and i sow many things more my memory came bake to me from the biginig till now i was in shoke at first i trid to explain to my bilogicle father what i sow i was every day teling them of my other life in india eghept and about me as jesus i was beging my father to take my eyes out if you have knolege you can know why i ask my father. you all know what i have say in the bible about the eyes. and bilive me in all the langweges nothing you right or saying is the words that you want to say because you still in the balbala langweges and the arabic is more than one langwege and about the islam yes i am jesus alahad its a nomber 1 that we all use lam of the lord lam yaled i d idnt get pragnent befor because i was a man walam yakun li kufwan ahad i didnt kill anyone exept my s elf this is what kafan means and yes i am one in all the 3 the father the son and t he holy spirit in three riliges and yes i came bake from death to explain to the juwish too bicause t hey bilive that i am coming that why i say befor they hear like they not they see but they d ont want to see. i can tell you all no one realy anderstand what i was talking about i just c an say god bless you all for the real prayers that wakes me from a deep magnit sleeping that they t ried i can say to that pepole in arabic man hafara alhufrata li achihi waka3a fiha. this day will come b y it self.

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