unanimous..是什么意思 unanimous..在线翻译 unanimous.

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1. unanimous..是什么意思

1. A few experts had discussed this one issue, more unanimous opinion is, wear high-heeled shoes, wear the high-heeled shoes with very high heel especially, fraud big profit at, it is adverse to the person's health and safety especially.

2. Course: The courses of the program are set by unanimous agreement of both parties.

3. A moment after quietness, our kailyard at last began to be brought to a new high tide by cicadas` unanimous tweet.

4. I think we're all saying a unanimous-- yes.

5. unanimous..的近义词

5. Unanimous decision of th e board of Agilent Technologies Co., Ltd., which is made up of

6. British Shridath company credit, effectiveness, and its professional services and the spirit of dedicated service by customers and certification bodies unanimous praise in the community has a good reputation.? ? ? ? ? ?

7. The society and schools should adopt unanimous measures to check the further spread of sycophantic and popular cultures.

8. unanimous..是什么意思

8. With the domestic auto equipment technology increasing, the demand for automation products imports growing products in China's domestic sales of increased growing, and its excellent quality, preferential prices, was the unanimous praise.

9. Company is it so far, research and develop and produce China first supreme frozen centrifugal separator GL-22M of high speed of rotational speed to set up, have received unanimous favorable comment of domestic and international users.

10. The company set up so far, had ~ed research and develop and produced high speed frozen centrifugal separator GL-22M of first supreme rotational speed of China, have received unanimous favorable comment of domestic and international users.

11. 911查询·英语单词大全

11. The company's NRT engraving machine, with excellent quality, caring service clients receive the unanimous praise.

12. unanimous..的翻译

12. At the same time he also points out the comment on the net also is not unanimous.

13. His efforts were met with unanimous applause.

14. Although there is no carefully measured, but in everyone's unanimous, I would rather believe their own wrong.

15. However, people in the world can be unanimous, but very little more highly.

16. His efforts were met with unanimous ~.

17. unanimous..的翻译

17. Though many researchers have studied the prepositive variables of loyalty, there is not a unanimous conclusion.

18. It holds that the mathematical achievements of the students are basically unanimous with the relations of mutual change in teachers teaching and students'study.

19. In order to save the face for opposite one, what can we do is to accept the statement, to appreciate the youth as Charles Dickens in young age, to encourage the actress to the issue of Orson Wells, Vanity is unanimous everywhere.

20. unanimous..的意思

20. Mr. Hao Feng and Chinamex have gained an unanimous favorable comment and appraise widely among Chinese and foreign governments and enterprises for the achievements of realizing the effective bridging and cooperation for Chinese and foreign companies.
郝锋 先生及 Chinamex 在帮助中外企业实现有效对接和有效合作方面取得的成绩,受到了中外政府和中外企业的关注和赞赏。

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